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The Pueblo Riverwalk is a 32 acre, urban, water based recreational environmental education Riverwalk amenity that is publicly owned and free of charge to all populations within the region. It further serves the community by revitalizing a segment of the community that previously was unusable and unsightly. This urban development transforms the community and showcases the resolve of the citizens to not be limited to one industry. The development of the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk has been vital in attracting new businesses thereby helping to stabilize the economic base of the city.

The Historic Arkansas Riverwalk’s three major core programs are as follows:

  1. Expansion of the current Riverwalk to complete the original plan as presented to the citizens of Pueblo in 1995.
  2. Provide an economic catalyst to the community of Pueblo and to southeastern Colorado through the development of commercial lots that
  3. will provide incentive for corporate re-location and job creation.
  4. Continue to evolve as a premier heritage tourism destination through educational programming, cultural events, and community
  5. activities.

Lake Elizabeth, located on the West Side of the project has a lakeside promenade designed to provide a natural area for waterfowl, fish and other wildlife. Recreational and educational opportunities abound.

The original Arkansas River stone wall has been incorporated into the design, creating a historic setting and theme which is carried throughout the project. Along the river channel several signature construction projects add to the ambiance of the area.

Begin your tour at Kelly Falls located at the base of the Union Avenue Historic District. As you stroll along the riverfront you will encounter plazas perfect for special family gatherings, private celebrations, festivals and community events. Many of the important features at the Riverwalk are possible through the generous contributions of area families and grants from major foundations. The Coors Pavilion and El Pomar Plaza are two of the most significant construction projects.

The Williams family provided five beautiful bronze geese in flight and a huge stone sculpture comes to life at the fountain donated by the Farley and Reilly families. In the natural area on the side of the project, garden and landscape materials were donated by the Anderson family. Houston Construction of Pueblo provided substantial in-kind services to this area to make it a perfect place for school field trips, complete with an outdoor classroom.


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